Increased Efficiency & Reliability For Large Organizations

MediaCAST's Enterprise Management tools help large organizations or those with large digital media usage to increase their 9's of availability. This software adds support for automatic content replication, replication queuing, creation of multiple media server farms, management of dispersed media farms and media server load-balancing.

Content replication provides a seamless method of automatic content copying from a primary site to one or more content servers located at other sites. If the principle goes down, the mirrored servers take over.

Load-balancing configures multiple Media Appliances in the system to ensure delivery of high-bandwidth content to users from the 'best' location, based on availability or server load. Content may be delivered to a user from a building's LAN Media Appliance or a centralized media farm located on a different campus or in a different city.

Media Appliance Configurations

MediaAppliancesTM store and stream media over the network and internet. They are comprised of a combination of hardware and software that run the streaming server applications and other MediaCAST programs, and are available in different configurations to meet your concurrent stream needs.