Custom Digital Bulletin Board With Streaming Video

MediaCAST's Kiosk Central combines IP video streaming and digital signage to bring you a complete integrated visual communication tool; a powerful tool for distributing important information and video to students, faculty and the community. By seamlessly integrating with MediaCAST's video encoding appliances and content management software, and by utilizing your existing IP network infrastructure, Kiosk Central adds functionality while limiting installation and operating costs. 
Kiosk Central is easy to use and customizable. Web-based tools allow administrators to manage content, playlists and channels independently.  Playlists can include live video, audio, websites, PowerPoints and more (see full list in Playlists tab below). Custom logos, colors and backgrounds can be made for each channel. Live video feeds or on-demand content can be broadcast to one display, a whole building or every campus simultaneously.

More Information

The MediaCAST Viewer is a small standard state hardware device that is mounted to TV displays and delivers HD content from the IP network. 


Playlists can contain a wide range of file formats including:

  • Live video Broadcasts
  • On-demand streaming video (H.264 media)
  • Audio
  • Camtasia
  • Websites
  • Custom HTML
  • Text
  • Images

  • Weather (1, 3, or 5 day forecasts)
  • Date & Time (Multiple formats)
  • Text scrolling ticker tape
  • Media Content
  • Calendar
  • Trivia
  • Logo
  • Custom Background