The MediaCAST MediaEncoders are high-performance hardware encoders that convert audio/video into streaming digital formats. A variety of form-factors allow you to make digital TV channels available on every computer, broadcast live events and convert analog VHS tapes, DVDs and CDs into digital format for storage in the centralized repository. 
MediaEncoders can be placed at locations on an organization’s LAN/WAN and at remote sites. They can be rack-mounted or put in a mobile cart and connected directly to a video source, such as a camera or incoming cable/satellite feed. MediaEncoders include predefined templates to make it easy to use for nontechnical personnel. For the technically savvy, preference settings can be accessed and modified for customization. 
MediaEncoders allow you to convert already purchased analog media into the digital repository, deliver digital TV and live broadcasts over the web. For more information about the MediaEncoder family, see tabs below. 

MediaEncoder Hardware Family

The Desktop Encoder is the solution for organizations that want to add their analog VHS tapes and DVDs to their MediaCAST digital repository for on-demand viewing. This preserves your already purchased media, allows for easy searching, and lets teachers bring up titles with a few clicks of a mouse.  Say goodbye to signing out A/V carts, deteriorating tapes and scratched DVDs/CDs. 

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As a mobile cart, OnLocation is your complete encoding solution. It can be rolled around to broadcast and record video from rooms, auditoriums and arenas. Encoded content and live broadcasts originating from OnLocation are available within the MediaCAST digital repository.  OnLocation is also configured to convert traditional analog media into one or more digital formats. The digital streaming formats are industry-standard and optimized for IP streaming. It will easily convert CDs, VHS tapes, DVDs, camcorders and other video sources.


Rack-mount hardware encoder, VHS/DVD deck, and storage drawer all come standard. Optional wireless microphones and camcorder are available, as are configurations for Windows Media®, Flash, H.264, Mpeg 1, 2, 4, Quicktime® and Real® Media formats.  Go to the OnLocation Cart Page

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