MediaBroadcaster Pros are high-performance encoding and media streaming hardware devices ideal for on-demand access and live IP broadcasting. Designed to convert analog or digital video and audio into the latest H.264 high-quality streaming standard, MediaBroadcaster Pro creates video streams that are available for on-demand access and live broadcasting while recording.

MediaBroadcaster Pros are used for digital IPTV delivery. These devices allow users to record and store live TV for on-demand viewing. They are scalable and modular, so as the demand for more channels grows, so too can your MediaBroadcaster Pro array. With its built-in hard drive, there is no limit to how many live broadcasts can be captured and added to your MediaCAST digital library concurrently. The system can be configured to perform both Unicast and Multicast streaming.

Specifications & Configurations

MediaBroadcasters are 3U rack-mount devices available in a range of configurations:
  • SD: 8-17 channels
  • HD: 4-8 channels
  • SD upgradeable to HD: 4-17 channels

MediaBoradcaster Pro Tec Spec
Download the MediaBroadcaster Pro Spec PDF