The platform is the nucleus of the MediaCAST digital content management and video/audio streaming system. This one intuitive interface lets you manage your media throughout its entire life cycle, from creation to multi-user network/internet delivery. The same interface works seamlessly with the MediaCAST suite of add-on modules. It provides an all-around cost-effective solution for your organization's IP visual communication and media streaming needs. 

Version 12

V12 brings the latest Web technology to the user interface through responsive web design (RWD). RWD provides optimal viewing experiences across a wide range of devices and screen sizes. Automaticly adjusted layouts reduce the need to scroll, pan and resize. This is especially beneficial when on a mobile device using your finger instead of a mouse/keyboard. Search and Filter menus change form and hide-away automatically on smaller screens and overlay when ready for use. Navigation menus change from larger graphics with text to smaller touch friendly icons that save space.

The v12 Transcoding Engine converts digital video from a variety of native formats into a common H.264 format for greater accessibility, mobile delivery, and storage efficiency. Users interact with the transcoding module through the platform interface, where they can choose to automatically or selectively convert library titles to the widely-supported H.264/AAC format. This enables cross-platform (Mac and Windows) delivery of video and iPad/Android mobile device support.


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Download the Version 12 Highlights Brochure.

Download the v12 Brochure.