MediaMonstersTM are designed to add storage capacity to Media Appliance streaming servers. They are high-performance direct attached storage (DAS) devices for storing and streaming video, audio and digital media across a wide-range of formats. Content stored on MediaMonsters is available on-demand for many people to view simultaneously through the Media Appliance server.

MediaMonsters are scalable and modular. Up to 6 MediaMonsters can be connected to each Media Appliance. In this configuration you have 43TB of storage capacity and 50,000+ hours of DVD-quality video or 150,000 hours of VHS-quality video storage. If you need more space, a second Media Appliance can be added with the appropriate number of MediaMonsters for virtually limitless scalability. Together MediaMonsters and MediaAppliances create the ultimate in digital media storage and streaming delivery.


MediaMonster Models

  • MCAST-MM-PRO5 (5.4TB expandable to 7.2TB, RAID5)
  • MCAST-MM-PRO14 (14.4TB RAID5)
  • MCAST-MM-12 (12TB expandable to 24TB, RAID5)
  • MCAST-MM-24 (24TB RAID5, RAID5)
Download MediaMonster Spec Sheet PDF