Boulder Valley
School District

Boulder, Colorado

An interview with Len Scrogan, Director of Instructional Technology and Library Media. 

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Topics discussed in the video:

  • BVSD's digital media objectives
  • Vendor selection - Why MediaCAST?
  • How MediaCAST has helped transform BVSD's curriculum, teaching methods and student achievement.
  • The training experience - How BVSD only needed to spend 1/10th of its budget for media specialist and teacher training.
  • How the Snag-A-SegmentTM tool has made lessons more effective, abstract topics easier to teach and student attention easier to retain
  • How the Url BuilderTM has helped extend the schoolday beyond the classroom and provide access to educational materials for students who are unable to attend physical classes
  • Why MediaCAST fits into BVSD's "Learning First, Technology Second" mantra