Copyright, Fair Use & TEACH Act Media Management Tools

Copyright compliance can be tricky for institutions to understand and manage. Traditional media copyright regulations are not the same as those for digital media, and often staff need help to keep their plethora of media formats in compliance. MediaCAST's copyright management tools are their ally. These tools help them protect, secure, distribute, report and license video, audio, eBooks, third party content, user-generated content, electronic whiteboard files and many other formats.

MediaCAST also comes with built-in settings to help you set and manage restrictions on individual media titles. It supports industry-standard Digital Rights Management (DRM) for securing content to prevent unauthorized viewing, copying and distribution. The e-commerce tools let institutions share and collect on their user-generated content. With MediaCAST Cloud, colleges and universities can share digital content with other institutions around the world and place pay-per-view or pay-per-license conditions on their created content.


MediaCAST Makes It Easy To Stay In Compliance


  • MediaCAST's Fair Use ManagerTM and Digital Rights Management tools let you manage, track, license, protect and report on content usage in the system. They also help staff assess and keep track of individual resources, how they were used and how effective they were
  • Secure user authentication and Copyright policy acceptance for all users provides a reporting trail to help schools meet TEACH Act regulation
  • Built-in settings to control substantiality compliance and set restrictions on individual media titles for controlling access, expiration dates, password protection, concurrent user limits and include denial of service usage alerts sent automatically