Bring your digital library with you, wherever you go.

MediaCAST's iPad/Android app is a mobile device content manager.  It allows access to MediaCAST resources and manages digital content licenses on multiple iPads/Android tablets.  This module helps districts manage infrastructure issues presented by a growing population of mobile devices, while ensuring media is available 24/7, in the classroom and on the go.

Search and browse your organization's digital library, view resource information, mark favorites and view media from your iPad/Android tablet.
When online: Access your MediaCAST library, view resources and push content to one or many student iPads/Android tablets
When offline: View videos, eBooks, images and documents previously pushed to the iPad/Android tablet.  Content expiration dates ensure licenses return to centralized license bank so they are available for the next group of users.

 MediaCAST iPad/Android App


  • Browse your downloaded resources by recently uploaded, favorites, recently added or by their media type
  • Just like a physical library, you can check out and check in resources, and the number is limited only by the storage space on your iPad/Android tablet. Unlike a physical library, the media resource is not removed from the digital library once it has been checked out. Instead a copy is made onto your iPad/Android tablet so other users can still access that resource while you have it checked out.
  • Students can watch media-resource homework on the bus and from any location, regardless of internet connectivity.