Wireless Broadcasting

The SportsCAST module allows institutions to wirelessly broadcast live events to anyone, anywhere.   It works with the MediaCAST platform or Express hosted system, and broadcasts to any device with internet access.  Grandparents and parents unable to travel can watch their student graduate in real time.  Athletes can access indexed game videos.  Distance learning students and satellite campuses can experience special events and speakers as if they were there.   Institutions can create a virtual sports network on their website and enable community access.  For items with restricted access, login restrictions are easy to set. 

SportsCAST is easy to use and comes with everything you need to begin broadcasting, right out of the box. Hardware includes a rugged encoder laptop in a hard-shell backpack, equipped with a high-gain 802.11 wireless antenna.  It also works with Media Appliances installed locally, to store events for on-demand viewing. 

SportsCAST Hardware


  • Broadcast & record live graduations, games,  concerts, plays & award ceremonies-
    Connect distance learning students, parents and the community to institution events.  Fans on campus can view away games from their TVs and computers.
  • Enhance your journalism & media programs-
    Journalism, video production, and PR students can experience 'in the field' broadcasting and get experience with live feeds.  Access files on-demand for review and evaluation.