Multi-Campus, Format Neutral, Streaming Media Platform

MediaCAST is a browser-based platform that enables faculty to leverage the use of multimedia, including streaming video/audio in their lectures, courses and curricula. The platform's features combine the capabilities and benefits of a content management, digital rights management and streaming media delivery system into one easy-to-use interface. Professors can present powerful multimedia integrated lectures, and make them available in the digital repository for review. Students can browse the digital repository by department, subject and course from anywhere with internet access.

MediaCAST offers a variety of hosted solutions to eliminate bandwidth limitations.  Click on the thumbnail to the right to download the Higher Education Brochure.

Platform Integrated Modules

MediaCAST's digital content platform + module structure allows you to configure your system to meet your institutions' unique requirements. Anticipating enrollment growth? No problem, MediaCAST's modules and hardware devices are designed to grow with your needs.

Platform modules include recordable digital IPTV, digital signage, lecture capture, Blackboard® Integration, Moodle® Integrationwireless backpack event broadcasting, analog media to digital format encoding for digital library storage and streaming, high availability and data redundancy assurance for large organizationstranscoding for mobile device access, and customizable media player for your homepageDigital content packages allow you to add tens of thousands of plug & play media titles to your digital library.