Digital Library Linked Media Player For Your Website

MediaCAST's Media Portal lets organizations share events with the community through a portal embedded in their homepage. The portal lets administrators set up channels ("Athletics," "Music concerts," "Drama performances," "Award ceremonies," etc.) and populate the portal with material from the MediaCAST digital library. Record a big game, upload it into MediaCAST, connect it to your media portal "Athletics" channel and share with family, friends and the community. Both on-demand and live video content are supported.

The media portal lets districts and higher education institutions showcase their students' achievements right on their homepage. With social media buttons, it's easy to share the media portal link. Keywords make it easy to browse related content and portal name, channels, and logo are customizable. The portal also comes with color customization so you can change background and text colors. Make your website come alive with content created by and starring your students and staff.

Customize Your Player

Customize your portal's title, logo and channels

A few of the color combinations that you can create with the Portal's custom color pickers

Add video information and keyword tags.  See how many times a video has been viewed and share content with social media and email links.