MediaCAST’s Lecture Capture module adds the capabilities of lecture and presentation capture to the MediaCAST digital content management platform to create a solution like no other.

Copyright protection tools, user access rights control, LMS/CMS (Learning/Course Management System) integration and standards correlation are provided by the seamless integration with the digital content platform.  Lectures are available on-demand 24/7 from any location with Internet access. 

MediaCAST provides the necessary tools for enterprise-wide deployment of lecture capture. It has built-in load-balancing, supports multiple media server farms, and automatic content replication to easily support organizations with thousands of students.

Only with MediaCAST Lecture Capture do you get all of these benefits without needing to purchase dedicated room devices, saving you thousands of dollars per room!


Playback Interface

  1. Client logo and branding 
  2. Content window
  3. Five preset view options PLUS the ability to resize and reposition windows
  4. Presenter window video stream
  5. Notes feature
  6. Create, locate, preview and go to segments
  7. Buttons allow users to create metatdata, view segments, enable closed captioning and more