Tyler ISD Uses MediaCAST To Bring Technology to Expanding District

Tyler ISD turned to MediaCAST to help them integrate streaming media technology into their growing district. Together MediaCAST and Tyler created a state-of-the-art, customized system that addressed Tyler's tech-related objectives and made future expansion easy.

Once the system was installed, Tyler's technology department dove right into using MediaCAST's online course creation tools to design a self-training course for new teachers and staff. At Tyler, teachers hired during the year posed a tough training problem. The new self-training course, available on-demand from the MediaCAST digital library from home or school, allowed new employees to be trained before their first day. 


Teachers, Students & Parents Excited About Streaming Technology

In the classroom, Tyler's media specialists converted their analog DVDs/VHS tapes into digital files and saved them into the digital library. Teachers were happy about the disappearance of AV carts and how easy it was to access thousands of streaming media titles.  

Third graders use MediaCAST to create daily video morning announcements, broadcast to every classroom in the school. Fourth graders are studying journalism and fifth graders are taking a newly created TV broadcasting class.

Even parents are utilizing the on-demand digial library. They access lessons and media files from home, keeping up with what their children are learning.