MediaCAST is designed around a scalable architecture allowing support for an initial phase of deployment up to a full-scale, enterprise-wide solution to hundreds of thousands of users. The number of on-demand streams that can be delivered depends on how many Media Appliances are deployed for storage and streaming. Multiple units can be load-balanced and strategically located on the network with the integrated Enterprise Management toolset.

A typical Media Appliance supports up to 200 concurrent on-demand streams of DVD-quality video. In a live video broadcast scenario, the system supports multicasting with minimum limitation on concurrent viewers. Each person viewing an on-demand stream can start, stop and pause at their desired pace and sequence. The second thing to consider regarding the question of how many people can view a digital resource is licensing.

The system has built-in digital rights management with copyright Fair Use and The TEACH Act tools to help protect and limit distribution according to your content providers guidelines and audience. This includes digital rights management to protect against unauthorized access and distribution.