Provide Educational Information To Patients

According to recent studies, patients are frustrated that the tools that may be useful to them in making decisions about their illness and treatment options are not readily available. Because these tools are not provided for them, they often to turn to the internet for answers, and their searches often lead them to websites of questionable origin, or forums with non-medical staff posting opinions. This leaves them confused and frustrated. They bring this frustration to their doctors, who have to spend time deciphering fact from fiction.

Prescribed medications also seem to be sending patients to the internet. In the Survey of Health Care Consumers, Deloitte found that at least 1 in 3 patients used an internet search engine to find information about their medication. MediaCAST recognizes the increasing trend of healthcare consumerism and has created a system to help staff provide the proper educational content for patients and their families.

The MediaCAST digital library organizes content by custom categories like "Diagnoses", "Treatments", "Physical Therapy Exercises" or "Medications."  Multiple media formats are supported including video, audio, images, documents, presentations, and ebooks.  Because MediaCAST is browser-based, patients can view information anywhere with internet access. 

 For a look at the MediaCAST Healthcare Platform in action, click here